luni, 18 august 2008

Strange mutations in Imaginationland

Several young and very young people in the Mioritic Republic sent us drawings of ponies. All of them pretend to have done them unconsciously, after the recent events involving the poor little pony at the RCINY. Two little girls state that they woke up in the middle of the night, after hearing a peaceful voice urging them to draw little cute ponies. Another teenager who pretends to be gay says he saw a magic light drawing a white pony in the air, and so he picked up some pencils, trying to render the image he saw in the sky.

luni, 11 august 2008

And the story goes universal!

Pony Boss and Mioritza shake hands

The leader of the most important Romanian pony organization and Mioritza would like to let Mr. Neagoe know they support him.